Give duet
Building the donor experience for a tech-driven donation platform.

The Prompt

How might we redesign the donor experience for GiveDuet's donation platform?

The Outcome:

  • Re-designing GiveDuet's donation experience.
  • Report outlining insights about donor behavior.

My Role:

I am the Lead UX Researcher and I am working with Spence Blood (Head of Design).

  • Evaluate the current donation experience.
  • Lead user research on donor experience and donor behavior.
  • Synthesize research and host ideation sprints.
  • Re-design the current experience to align with strategic business objectives and insights from our research.
  • Test and reiterate on prototypes.
  • Establish design thinking guidelines to guide future product development.
This project is currently in progress.
Duet is a fantastic non-profit startup that was born out of the refugee crisis between Syria and Europe. It is a web-based platform modernizing philanthropy by helping resettled refugees rebuild their lives. It empowers beneficiaries to directly decide what they need, allows donors to choose how their aid is spent, as well as support and revitalize the local economy. 

I am working with Duet as a UX Lead to build their donor experience on their web-platform. The main focus of this project is to understand the behaviors of donors and use those insights to design a culturally-conscious, economically responsible, and personally rewarding donation experience. This in turn, would lead to an increase in recurring and stand alone donations.

We are currently, in the process of conducting user research interviews to understand and evaluate donor behaviors and experiences. I will be updating this space with our insights and design process.