Escape Singapore
Design Research driven visualizations for the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology

The Challenge:

How can we encourage Singaporeans to travel more to locations in South East Asia?

My Role:

- I was an intern at MIT Senseable City Lab in Singapore
- Help carry out design research
- Prototype visualization concepts

Singapore seeks to be the hub for international travellers looking to explore South East Asia. "Escape Singapore" was an experimental project from the MIT Senseable City Lab in Singapore that explores how to enable tourists make faster travel decisions.

I was a design strategy intern on the team. I assisted with design research and visualizing concepts. The final product was a user interface that allows for easy exploration of different cities in the region with respect to their flight accessibility and corresponding tourist information.

My work

Design Research

In order to come up with a solution to increase travel, we first wanted to understand the why's and how's of travel decision making in Singapore. We talked to travel agencies, singaporean families, resort owners and travellers on all ends of the spectrum. We were curious about the following questions:

These conversations yielded good insights into the vacation decision process. One of the major takeaways we had was that vacation meant different things for different groups of people. For some vacation meant simply chilling and unwinding, for some it was a status of wealth and for some it was even a cause of stress!

Curious about this, we carried out a card sorting exercise where our participants prioritized the factors that were important to them when thinking and planning of a vacation. These insights from this exercise helped create "Must Haves" in our product and understand which angle to start designing from.


Using the insights from our synthesis phase, these were some concepts that I visualized. I used real time data for my prototypes using data from Google Flights and Google Places API. To view each concept below , please click on it.

Concept - "Flight- First" approach

Concept - "Attraction-First" approach