Escape Singapore
Visualizations for the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology
project purpose
Singapore seeks to be the hub for international travellers looking to explore South East Asia. "Escape" is an experimental project from the MIT Senseable City Lab in Singapore that explores how to enable tourists make faster travel decisions. It is a user interface that allows for easy exploration of different cities in the region with respect to their flight accessibility and corresponding tourist information.
my work
My primary role was to create data visualization concepts that were unique but intuitive enough to be used for a consumer facing application.

These are some of the visualization concepts I created for the prototyping phase. These visualizations were created from insights I gained from user research interviews and the data is from Google Flights and Google Places API

Goal: Help a traveler pick a destination for a weekend getaway based on flights available and the attractions offered at the destination
*Click on each panel to go through the concepts