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concept 1- Flights
A majority of our target market first filter destinations by flights which meet their preferences. Therefore, I translated this process into a visual map that would make decision making easier for the user.

The aim of the concept it to reduce the number of clicks/ searches a person makes to book a flight and to simplify the decision making process to encourage the "lazy traveler" to book a weekend getaway.
The user would log into our web application and first see the  popular destinations that other Singaporeans are traveling to as a starting source of inspiration. The user would then be able to select their preferences of budget, distance, time and number of layovers.

The map would then be re-drawn with points illustrated according to the user preference

Green: Fully meets preferences
Yellow: Partially meets preferences e.g  a flight is available 15 mins earlier than the preferred time
Red: Does not meet preferences
The user would then be able to view airports of the destination that meet their preferences and book a flight
interactive walk-through
Below is an interactive version of the design showing the concept of the visualization in relation to basic UI/UX elements

Created on Adobe XD