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concept 2- Flights
This concept segments regions according to prices. It helps the user immediately get an idea of which region is favorable in terms of price and popularity during a particular time of the year.

The concept is aimed at cutting down on the amount of time it takes to search for getaways with cheap ticket prices. It is also aimed at helping  new or infrequent travelers that are on a budget get a good sense of places worth travelling to based on popularity.

In this concept, the map displays two pieces of information: popular destinations and the price of travelling to that region.

The popular destinations are denoted with circles and their size is dependent on the popularity of the destination

The color of each region on the map is dependent on the flight price from Singapore to the nearest airport in that region. Depending on the cost, it is color coded. The criteria of whether the price to travel to that region is cheap or expensive is determined by the cost of the flight at the current moment vs other times in the year.

E.g. price of flying to Bangkok in June vs February
Interactive prototype
Below is an interactive version of the design showing the concept of the visualization in relation to basic UI/UX elements

Created on Adobe XD