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concept 1- Atrractions
When travelers are looking at destinations, they often want to get a 'feel' of the city. Is it a cultural spot? Is it more of a beach or nature city? Or is it a city famous for shopping? It is very hard to place one label on a city and be able to accurately describe it.

This concept gives a holistic representation by showing the various types of attractions in the city. In this manner, travelers with different interests can enjoy the same city and those looking to explore can get a wholesome and authentic experience.
In this concept, each country and city would have an Icon like the one on the right.

The icon would consists of bubbles which each represent a different type of attraction in the city e.g. cultural spots, nature , beaches, monuments.

The size of the bubbles would be a calculation between the number of attractions in each criteria and the popularity of each attraction.
The user would be able to zoom into a location and select the type of attractions he or she wants to view. The map would then populate with the top results for each category.

In this example, the user is looking at nature and beach spots in Malaysia.  
And here, (more zoomed in) the user is looking at nature and cultural spots in Singapore 
The user would then be able to get information about an attraction e.g. photos on click
Interactive prototype
Below is an interactive version of the design showing the concept of the visualization in relation to basic UI/UX elements and zoom levels.

In order to design for scalability, there is a preview with a small country like Singapore with only one city and Malaysia; a larger country with multiple cities.

Created on Adobe XD