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concept 2- Attractions
Right now, when one googles or searches for terms like “Entertainment spots in Bangkok”, they are normally faced with a cluster of points on a map that are overwhelming to look at.

This concept aims to make data points visually friendly. Similar to the biological classification system. I classified the attractions in a city based on search terms or tags e.g. beaches good for surfing, nature trails for dogs.

This concept not only informs the users about the type of activities available but it also allows users to get straight to the point of information they are searching for thus saving time

The user would be able to view the 5 types of attractions in the city of their choice.
(Monuments, Entertainment, Cultural Activities, Beaches and Nature)

The circle size of each type of attraction would be dependent on the number of attractions.
The user would then be able to click on an attraction they are interested in e.g. culture. The visualization would narrow down and show them the type of cultural activities available in the respective city

The user would select the exact activity they are interested e.g. temples and view information about it
User's also have the option to turn on the recommendation mode and be inspired by the top attractions in each category.
Interactive prototype
Below is an interactive version of the design showing the concept of the visualization in relation to basic UI/UX elements and zoom levels.

Created on Adobe XD